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Specialized Business Systems was founded in 1990. Since 1998 it has become a shareholding company.
The company politics is oriented to its products high quality and affordable prices, instant support and tolerancy to its clients, as well as providing innovative solutions.
SBS main business activities include manufacturing, import, export, distribution and service of computer systems. A quality management system in accordance with ISO9000 family standarts is being introduced in the company at the moment.
Specialized Business Systems holds a leading position in the computer systems and office automation business in Bulgaria. The manufacturing growth and the opening of new jobs are its highest priorities, which is something that makes SBS unique in its branch. All of the high prizes obtained for its own original products prove that: Golden medal and certificate at the 53-th Iternational Technical Fair - Plovdiv; "Silver Lion" prize from the "Made in Bulgaria" association at the International Office and Bank Equipment Expo "Office 2000"; Certificate for best design and highest quality exhibits and "Balkans with no borders" special prize at the 7-th International Expo "BalkanContact"; Golden medal at the International Expo in Leskovac, Yugoslavia. The best proof, however, are the succesfully accomplished projects and the satisfaction of more than 6500 clients and the huge amount of working computer systems with the SBS brand in Bulgaria, Europe, Asia and Africa.

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