ActiveJet is a brand of Action S.A.
The Action Group is one of the biggest computer hardware distributors in Poland. It sells products provided by the largest suppliers in the world and offers goods carrying home brands. For almost two years, the Group has been operating in the dynamic Ukrainian market. In the financial year 2004/2005, the annual group sales exceeded PLN 1.3 billion.
  One Integrated ERP-CRM-e-Commerce for ambitious enterprises
Entersoft provides one integrated ERP-CRM and E-Commerce system for small and medium sized businesses and departments of large enterprises. It is one of the very few companies worldwide with a full range of Integrated Enterprise Applications developed exclusively on Microsoft .NET.Entersoft CRMandEntersoft E-Commerceare also provided as standalone products with interfaces to other ERP systems.
Entersofthas beengrowing fast for the past years in financial results, number of customers and number of partners. Our distribution network covers most main cities in Greece andour customers operate in almost all sectors of economy. Recently the company is expanding in South East Europe and already has subsidiaries in Bulgaria and Romania.
Entersoft is listed in theAlternative Market of Athens StockExchange.


  Xerox is a global company dedicated to providing solutions that simplify your work and make you more productive. Whether you're a small business or a global enterprise, Xerox offers products and services that can help your company improve its business processes, lower costs, increase clock speed and share crucial knowledge. These products and services make it easy for you to turn paper information into digital information, and vice-versa; to view, organize and share information in the form of digital documents; to send documents on networks throughout the office or around the world; and to print, publish, and copy them onto paper.


  Intel Corporation 

  IBM Corporation 

  Hewlett Packard  



  TrippLite Power Protection 
  Unex Technology Corporation 
  It has been more than 25 years since Bob Metcalfe conceived a brilliant plan for a computer network, but there is much left to be done to provide complete and easy-to-manage LAN and Internet/Multimedia access to home, SOHO, and workgroup users. Unex Technology Corp. has fostered a pioneer spirit since its inception and is committed to bring the benefit of networking to the world.
Unex brings together top quality resources, highly skilled R&D engineers and leading network technology support professionals with enthusiasm, creativity, and ability for team work.

  Bridema A/S 
  Bridema, known all over Denmark and in most of Scandinavia, is a medium-sized wholesale company in the IT industry.
  M&M Computer
Colour Power Ltd.
Bestcom B.V.