Описание Цена Валута
0261 /Writing Tablet TRUST Wireless TB2100/1205284.00BGL

Wireless Tablet TB-2100 / Wireless (Design & Work) Tablet 200-V2 

  • Ergonomically designed tablet with wireless mouse for easy drawing, handwriting, 
    sketching, colouring and picture editing
  • Wireless 4.5" x 6" (114 x 152 mm) work space for optimal freedom of movement
    and perfect results for expressing creativity
  • 3 button ergonomic wireless mouse, suitable for right and left handed users
  • Wireless pressure sensitive 3 button pen to provide all the comforts of a normal pencil
  • Operate all software more naturally and intuitively with the included 3 button pen
  • Full speed USB connection for easy installation and direct on-screen review of pen/mouse movement
  • 12 extra functions on tablet for easy and fast editing of photos and videos