Описание Цена Валута
017 FAX-MODEM externall TRUST ADSL 2+ Modem-Router MD-405037.80BGL

ADSL 2+ Modem-Router MD-4050 

  • ADSL modem with an RJ-45 Ethernet connection
  • Suitable for ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ with a maximum downstream speed of 24 Mbps (depends on ISP contract)
  • Ideal for intensive internet use, such as high quality streaming audio and video, IP television, internet telephony, video conferencing, etc.
  • Simply add a switch to share your internet connection, music, movies, files and printers or play games in a home network
  • Built in firewall to protect your PC from unauthorized access and attacks
  • Suitable for use in combination with all analogue telephone connections (Annex A)
  • User-friendly configuration via web browser; works with any operating system